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A renowned coastal town for water sports, Bentota is a leading beach destination for surfers, divers and swimmers. With the Bentota River Airport, travelers have the option of flying directly to this popular deatination through seaplanes. According to ancient tales, the ‘Bem’ Demon ruled the river in this area. The river which flows towards the Indian Ocean - whilst forming a lagoon close to the end of the river - is a good spot for parasailing, jet-skiing and windsurfing. The area is also well-known for producing toddy alcoholic beverage created from coconut nectar. The months from November to April are considered to be the perfect period for sailing, snorkeling, and water-skiing, as the sea seems to be calm during this phase. 

Beruwala is the actual point from where a long stretch of beach starts in the south western coastal belt. This destination represents the initial Muslim settlement on the country.  A vast community of Sri Lankan Moors, mostly comprised of gem merchants, continues to live in this town.  The bay around this location provides the perfect option for bathing, coral reef diving and deep sea fishing throughout the year. Numerous start-class hotels are to be found within these areas. There are numerous star-class hotels to be found within these locations. These two areas consist some of the well known religious sites too.


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