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Colombo, the biggest city in Sri Lanka, is the most commercially thriving one in this island. This city is a lively and exciting place located within this country. This city’s buildings reflect both the colonial and modern styles. The city comprises many of the historical and cultural attractions in Sri Lanka.  Its huge harbor, which is presently one of the liveliest ports in South Asia, coupled with the strategic location along the east-west sea trade routes, made this city to be a favorite destination among ancient traders from China, India, Persia, Rome and Greece etc.

Colombo is home to numerous entertainment venues, hotels, restaurants, places of worship, shopping malls, markets, sports grounds, parks and corporate and government offices to name a few. The weather in this city is tropical monsoon climate. A blend of land and water comprise the geography of Colombo. Heavy rains are expected in the monsoon seasons between May to August & October to January.

This city is consists people of all beliefs and languages. As a city offering high quality educational opportunities, it houses several well-known public and private schools as well as institutions in the country.  During Vesak, Ramadan, Christmas and New Year festive seasons the city becomes a vibrant place. All main Sri Lankan media organizations work from Colombo.

Colombo boasts some of the top beaches and renowned hotels and restaurants in Sri Lanka. Mega Sri Lankan corporations such as the John Keells Holdings, Aitken Spence, Hemas Holdings, Cargills (Ceylon PLC) and Stassen Group have their head offices in Colombo. The industries in Colombo contain garments, leather products, jewelry, cement, print media, consumer products and chemicals to name a few. Colombo enjoys one of the biggest per capita income and buying power per capita in the entire South Asia region.

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